Blackburn South

Inclusion that counts

Blackburn South

Our belief is that every person, regardless of their age, deserves the opportunity to lead a full life complete with rich relationships and engaging activities. Strong links to the local community, a belief in the individual, and a safe and welcoming environment – these are all features of our Blackburn South service. At the same time, we recognise that each individual’s needs and abilities are unique. Our experienced staff are adept at providing personalised support that brings out the best in each participant, with emphasis on building independence and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Participants at Blackburn South have the opportunity to take part in a variety of recreational activities designed to build confidence, promote ongoing learning and support a healthy lifestyle. Many of these activities take place in local community settings. Social events at Burke and Beyond provide new experiences, social interaction and encourage friendships. At the same time we provide quiet areas for those who just need time for themselves. All of this takes place within a flexible timetable with a constant focus on individuality and independence.

Where are we located?


114 Fulton Rd, Blackburn South VIC 3130

Phone: (03) 9886 1111 Ext 200 & 201

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