Congratulations Kirra

Congratulations Kirra

Kirra, one of the Next Step Dandenong Participants has started a new job, way to go Kirra.

Looks like you are really enjoying your new job.


This is what Kirra had to say about her new job.

About 4 weeks ago, I started working with my Step Mum Kylie at a Dairy Farm in Welshpool on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

I wake up at 5 in the morning to get dressed, have my hot chocolate, and have breakfast before I leave to go to work.

I start work at 6 in the morning and the first thing I have to do when I get to work is to bring the Cows in from the field to the milking shed. To get the Cows in the milking shed my Step Mum and I get on the quad bike to round them up.

When the Cows are in the shed, we close the gate, so they don’t go back outside, then we start milking them by putting the cup on the girl Cows udders where the milk comes from.

I know when to stop the machine when I can see there is no more milk coming out.

There are 128 Cows we have to do and when they are milking, we feed them in what looks like a big water tank.

When all the cows are done we have to clean up and use a big hose to get rid of all the Cows mess and then we go back on the quad bike to take them back to the paddock and lock them up.