Next Step Bayswater

Inclusion that counts

Next Step Bayswater

Building independence and inclusion is what drives everything we do at Next Step Bayswater. We believe that everyone should be responsible for their own life choices.


We provide opportunities for young people to stretch their expectations of  themselves as they develop practical and meaningful day-to-day skills. It’s all about constantly improving participants’ independence and their ability to take part in everyday life, confident in the knowledge that they will be supported every step of the way.


At Next Step Bayswater, the emphasis is on self directed planning. Each person is encouraged to set clear goals for themselves. They identify any skills they need to develop in order to achieve those goals, and then to take action.


The limited size of this service allows us to work closely with each individual and their specific aims. We teach pre-vocational skills, including preparing for interviews and resume writing. This leads to the pursuit of work or volunteer placements that are of genuine interest to the participant.


Next Step Bayswater is ideally located a short walk from Bayswater railway station.

Where are we located?


19-23 Macauley Place Bayswater Vic 3153

Phone: (03) 9886 1111 Ext 400 & 401



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