Next Step Blackburn

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Next Step Blackburn

Next Step Blackburn has developed an outstanding reputation for its support of young people through the transition from the school environment to the adult community. The program is the first of its kind, supporting participants while encouraging a high degree of autonomy as they take an active role in planning out their futures. Participants learn practical skills they can use in their community every day, with over 60 per cent taking up volunteering or work opportunities with local businesses and organisations as a direct result of their participation.


The Next Step is actively focussed on promoting independence in everyday life. Participants are given the opportunity to develop their independence with an emphasis on accessing public transport, money handling and gaining practical experience in a workplace environment.


The Next Step program is committed to empowering participants to advocate for
themselves through the development of communication skills, building confidence and
fostering resilience. Participants are therefore supported to make their own decisions in order to develop a more mature sense of responsibility and accountability.


As participants’ skills, knowledge and experiences grow, they are empowered to become active and valued members of their community.

Where are we located?


Suite 1, 14-16 Blackburn Road, Blackburn Vic 3130

Phone: (03) 9886 1111 Ext 500 & 501



Please complete the following information and push submit and our Intake Officer will make contact with you to discuss your enquiry further

Due to the Corona Virus situation, Burke and Beyond is temporarily closed. If you need to contact us, please leave a message on 9886 1111 or contact us by email at

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