Participant Handbook


How things work at Burke and Beyond

Burke and Beyond Participant Handbook

Inclusion that counts


     Our Commitment


We will provide a service which:

Provides a safe environment for you to pursue your goals, interests and aspirations


Empowers you to make your own decisions and choices about your life


Cares about your wellbeing


Promotes your inclusion and participation in the community


Respects your Human Rights and Cultural identity



You have the right:

To be safe, free from abuse and without discrimination


To provide feedback, have a say and have your concerns raised and addressed


To make choices and decisions about the things which matter in your life


To be involved in the community and groups of your choice


To have your human rights, individuality and diversity

respected and accepted


 Our Conduct


All practices at Burke and Beyond are guided by the following principles:


At Burke and Beyond, we have a set of values and underlying principles (our Trademark) which we expect all staff and volunteers to aspire and adhere to.  These are:



Our Trademark

Supportive               Progressive             Accountable


This is underpinned with the following principles:


Showing initiative

Investing in each other

Leading by example

Going above and beyond

Being respectful and honest


Your Rights


We will provide a service which:


Provides a safe environment for you to pursue your goals, interests and aspirations


Empowers you to make your own decisions and choices about your life


Cares about your wellbeing


Promotes your inclusion and participation in the community


Respects your Human Rights and Cultural identity



You have the right:

To be safe, free from abuse and without discrimination


To provide feedback, have a say and have your concerns raised and addressed


To make choices and decisions about the things which matter in your life


To be involved in the community and groups of your choice


To have your human rights, individuality and diversity

respected and accepted



What do you think? Feedback

Feedback & Complaints

· At Burke and Beyond we welcome both positive and negative feedback

· We will endeavour to resolve all concerns within a reasonable timeframe

· At Burke and Beyond, we are committed to provide high quality support and services. Participants, their families/carers, staff, visitors and the community are encouraged to provide feedback to improve how we do things

· If you have a complaint or feedback please contact your Support Worker or Coordinator at the service you attend

· If you are not comfortable speaking to them or wish to speak about other matters contact the Community Services Manager, Operations Manager, CEO or the Board


If anyone feels their complaint is not taken seriously and would like to pursue the matter, contact the NDIS.


NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission

Making a complaint

9.00 am to 4.30 pm


1800 035 544


To view the full Feedback procedure, including Complaints under the NDIS Commission, go to our website and click the publications tab.



Burke and Beyond promotes an environment and culture which is fair, inclusive and where diversity is accepted, respected and valued.

Our commitment to diversity means that we continually strive to provide an environment which is supportive of equal opportunity, equal treatment and equal access for participants, their families, staff, volunteers and those who may visit our services. We believe the wide array of perspectives which result from such diversity promotes inclusiveness, acceptance and positive experiences.


Our diversity includes differences in ethnicity, culture, gender, language, age, sexuality, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, thinking styles, experience, and education.


Burke and Beyond will work with participants, their families and their support networks to facilitate and meet any identified needs associated with their diversity and/ or background.


Burke and Beyond seeks to support the needs of participants and their families from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders heritage, and will work with the individual to maintain and strengthen their connection to their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and community in a way that is meaningful and appropriate for the participant.


Burke and Beyond acknowledges that we are on the traditional land of the Wurundjeri people and pay our respects to elders both past and present


When to come and how to get there


Service Hours

9am—3pm Monday to Friday


Contact staff if you are unable to arrive by 9:30am so alternative arrangements can be made. Most groups leave before 9:30am for their daily activities.


If you are unable to attend at all—please contact us ASAP to let us know. If possible we would like to know by 4:30pm the day prior.


After hour programs for special activities can be arranged if needed.

*The Next Step program hours are 9 am to 3.30 pm


Transport Arrangements:

Participants and their carers are to make their own transport arrangements to attend Burke and Beyond.


If taxis are used—it is the responsibility of the participant or carer to book this.


Burke and Beyond will support individuals on their

arrival/departure and report any discrepancies in the taxi fare if this occurs.


We suggest that, for those who will be using taxis, it is better to book on a permanent basis to prevent ongoing problems.


Burke and Beyond does not provide transport to and from home.


When you are not well


At Burke and Beyond we have a responsibility for all people attending the service, as well as an obligation to look after the health and safety of our staff.


Burke and Beyond cannot accommodate people who are unwell and everyone needs to be fully recovered from illness, accidents or medical procedures before returning to the



For example, people should not attend if they have symptoms such as high temperature, diarrhoea/vomiting, undiagnosed rash/spot/sore, infectious diseases or generally unwell that their physical and emotional well being is seriously affected.


Burke and Beyond staff will assess an individual if they are unwell and in the best interests of all, a decision maybe made for the person to return home. Transport will be organised if needed.



First Aid

All staff members are trained in basic first aid and CPR. In the case of a serious illness, staff will administer first aid until medical attention is arranged. If necessary, or as a precautionary measure, an ambulance will be called.


Please inform us of any known allergies and advise us in writing of any changes of medication.


Day to day

Dress Code:

Due to the array of community settings Burke and Beyond programs attend, everyone is required to wear neat, clean clothing,

suitable to their needs and weather conditions, with closed toe shoes (Scuffs and thongs are not permitted at Burke and Beyond due to health and safety).


Program specific:

Outdoor activities such as bushwalking/walking and exercise programs:

·        Sneakers/runners required


Horse riding program:

· shoes/ boots with heel

· Trousers (no skirts/dresses)


Sun Smart

Please ensure everyone has a hat, suitable clothing and sunscreen to bring to the service each day they attend.



Burke and Beyond will engage translation services when required to ensure each participant’s communication needs are met.



If an emergency such as bushfires, extreme weather conditions, loss of electrical power or water shortage occur, participants and their carers will be contacted not to attend or be informed of alternative arrangements.


Personal Care

· Burke and Beyond staff will assist you with any personal care requirements and assistance you may need.

· Cultural and religious sensitivities will be respected and your dignity will be held in the highest regard.


Personal possessions 

· Personal possessions such as mobile phones, cameras etc. are the responsibility of the participant

· Safe storage can be arranged of these items if specific arrangements are made

· Burke and Beyond will not replace damaged or lost items unless it was due to the actions of its staff



A calendar is sent home at the start of each year, with dates when services are closed for annual leave, training days and public holidays. You will be advised of additional training days or other closures when they happen.


Talking to each other


Burke and Beyond promotes the use of participant diaries to communicate between carers and staff.


Please make our staff aware of any issues at home or if

anything exciting has happened over the evening/weekend. This information makes it easier to discuss events with people and assist when there is minimal communication.


If you are unable to come to Burke and Beyond in person, please contact us via phone, email or appointment with key staff, Coordinator or Community Services Manager.


Do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we can assist you with.


Food - Lunches and Snacks



Participants need to bring their lunch with them each day, unless alternative arrangements have been made or they are purchasing their own.


Food is to be packed/wrapped in a suitable container.


Frozen food requiring heating prior to eating can be brought, but must be in a undamaged, durable container.  


Let us know if you have a food allergy or special dietary



If there are changes to lunch requirements due to outings, or special events, a notice will be sent home.


Your Plan

Setting Strategies for you

Together we will plan your support and program activities here at Burke and Beyond. This will be based on your goals, needs and aspirations as outlined in your NDIS plan.


This is your personal plan and we ask that you and any of your family and friends participate in this planning program.


These strategies will:

· be directed by you and/ or your family

· be individualised

· consider supports available

· maximise choice and independence

· facilitate flexible responses to your goals and needs


Burke and Beyond will discuss and review these strategies regularly with you. Programs are usually set for a term.


Key Worker


Burke and Beyond has staff who are a key worker for participants. This staff member assists with:


· Coordinating your supports and program activities

· Contacting and liaising with your circle of support and family

· Advocating on your behalf when needed

· Maintaining and updating your information

· Reviewing your goals and ensure that objectives are being met


Do not hesitate to contact your key worker if you have any queries or if you need further information about Burke and Beyond.

 Privacy Confidentiality and Consent

We are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of you, your family, staff and our community partners.


We adhere to the relevant legislation and standards regarding privacy and confidentiality and only collect information which is relevant to providing services to you.


Information is used by Burke and Beyond staff to provide quality and appropriate support to you.


We will ask for your consent and

permission to share information about you, use your images and/or tell your story. You have the right to refuse this. In each case, we will discuss and explain the purpose, circulation and timeframe for sharing your information, image or story.


In the case of emergencies, information may be provided to the police, fire or ambulance services.


If you choose to withhold information, this is your right, however it may have an affect on the safety and quality of services we provide to you.


If you wish to see information that Burke and Beyond holds about you, the Community Services Manager will assist you with your request.


Your privacy is important to us, and therefore we provide areas and have practices in place which support your privacy. In turn, we ask all participants to respect and provide the same courtesy to other participants, staff and visitors.



Please inform us when there are changes to your medication. This ensures we can provide you with the best support for managing medication safely and can assist in the case of an emergency.


For medication requiring assistance to store and administer, please provide:

· Medication to staff upon arrival in a Webster pack

· The Webster pack must be filled in by a pharmacist, specifically for daytime doses

· It must be correctly labelled with the person’s name, medication, dosage, frequency, time to be administered and route of administration

· A photograph of the person must be on the pack

· Pharmaceutical instructions supplied, for example, to be taken with food, to be stored away from direct sunlight, any side effects etc.

· Name, address and telephone number of the prescribing doctor and pharmacist


Alterations must not be made to the pharmacist’s label once affixed and must include correctly labelled bottle or packet prepared by the pharmacist with summary sheet listing the desired effects and potential side effects of the medication.

It is your or your primary carers responsibility to ensure we are advised formally of any changes in medication. An information form should be filled in and returned to the service as soon as possible.


In cases where PRN medication may be required to be administered, an updated treatment sheet will need to accompany the medication. If any changes to the PRN are scheduled, your primary carer will need to forward these in writing.




Participants with assistance from staff hold regular service meetings.


Those who attend these meetings have the opportunity to express opinions on all matters relating to Burke and Beyond.



Burke and Beyond provide services consistent with the fee structure provided by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) .The prices for supports by Burke and Beyond are subject to change in accordance with the NDIS Victorian Price Guide set out by the NDIA.


Additional expenses (i.e. things that are not included as part of a Participant’s NDIS supports) are the responsibility of the

participant and are outlined in the additional table on the schedule of supports. Examples include entrance fees, event tickets, meals, tea/ coffee, etc.


The fee and payment options will be discussed with you and

included within your service agreement with Burke and Beyond.


We invoice every two weeks.


Dignity of Risk


Burke and Beyond recognise that everyone has a right to live their lives and sometimes take risks which could result in harm, loss or danger. However, we also recognise we have a responsibility to the safety of others both at Burke and Beyond and in the wider community and will have ongoing discussions with participants in order to assess that risk.




Burke and Beyond will support participants to make an informed decision whilst ensuring that all steps are taken to minimise risk to the participant.




Burke and Beyond will ensure that before any action is taken that may involve risk to a participant:

· a vigorous consultation process involving the participant and relevant stakeholders is conducted

· a comprehensive assessment is undertaken

· supporting documentation is collected and recorded


Your Safety

Abuse and Neglect

Burke and Beyond has a duty of care to ensure the rights of participants are respected, your well-being is safeguarded, and that you are not exposed to any form of abuse and neglect.


Everyone associated/involved in our organisation is expected to share our commitment in maintaining a zero tolerance to abuse and neglect. We respond quickly to any allegations of abuse and neglect and will report any form of abuse, neglect or restraint to the NDIS Commission.


Incident Reporting


On the occasion that an incident/near miss occurs at Burke and Beyond, we will attend to the safety of those involved and complete an incident report. For serious incidents, we will report to the NDIS Commission.

If any incident involve our participants, our staff will contact the authorised residence/ family member of the person involved.


Burke and Beyond has practices in place to manage and minimise chances of incidents. You can read our policy on incident reporting on our website at:


Your Say



Burke and Beyond is committed to promoting and protecting the human and legal rights of people with a disability. We respect the right of people to self advocate, access an advocate or for an advocacy agency to represent them.



Advocacy is standing alongside a person who is disadvantaged, and speaking out on their behalf in a way that represents the best interests of the person.



We will encourage and assist you to access an advocate and/or interpreter should you wish to access one or where the need for an advocate and/or interpreter has been perceived.



Having an advocate may involve their participation during meetings regarding your support plan and being a representative to communicate on your behalf.



If you would like more information about advocacy, please speak to one    

of our staff.


Leaving Burke and Beyond

Transferring to another service

If a participant chooses to access another service or is no longer eligible to attend Burke and Beyond, our staff will cooperate with the participant and relevant circle of support to ensure a smooth transition occurs. 


Staff will:

· Participate in meetings between participant and new service

· Discuss transition plan with all stakeholders

· Ensure relevant documentation is forwarded to the new service

· Provide a staff person for any further contact


Leaving our service


Individuals at Burke and Beyond may wish to leave the service to pursue other options.  Please discuss with us so relevant arrangements can be made.


There may be a time when Burke and Beyond will withdraw services, in part or whole, where certain circumstances exist and are unable to be resolved.   These will be dealt with in line with our existing policies.  You can obtain a copy of our policy on this issue by contacting the CSM.


Contacting Us

General Information


We welcome feedback from the people who use our services and hearing about information which assists us to support you. If you are unable to tell us about these things, have someone write it in your diary.


Sometimes an issue may arise while a person is at Burke and Beyond. If you feel you need some assistance or clarification please don’t hesitate to speak to a staff member, the Community Services Manager or the CEO.




Community Services Manager:




Administration Officer:


Blackburn South                9886 1111 Ext: 200

Service Coordinator

114 Fulton Road, Blackburn South Vic. 3130


Balwyn                                  9886 1111 Ext: 300

Service Coordinator         

51 Naroo Street, Balwyn Vic. 3126


Next Step– Blackburn       9886 1111 Ext: 500

Service Coordinator                     

14- 16 Blackburn Rd Road, Blackburn, Vic 3130


Next Step– Bayswater      9886 1111 Ext: 400

Service Coordinator

19 Macaulay Place, Bayswater, Vic 3153


Next Step– Dandenong    9886 1111 Ext: 600

Service Coordinator

260 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, Vic 3175


Intake: Call 0404 673 812


To contact us please call:   9886 1111


Or email: