Strategic Plan

Burke and Beyond Strategic Plan in Brief- “Towards 2020”


Burke & Beyond is a highly successful disability services agency, providing a range of niche services. For over twenty years it has supported and developed its clients’ capabilities by challenging and enabling them to achieve and enhance lifestyle goals, independence and social experiences.


The key to success for Burke & Beyond has been client satisfaction and an organisational culture valuing inclusion and engagement for clients, carers and families. Staff retention and performance also contribute to a highly supportive environment for clients.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the most significant change to impact disability services agencies in recent years. There will be considerable benefits for clients and significant implications for service providers.


Burke & Beyond intends to remain at the forefront of this change and embrace the transition to the NDIS scheme. The Towards 2020 Strategic Plan sets out the framework and key strategic goal areas to ensure Burke & Beyond is well positioned for the future and remains competitive in the market place.


The Board has identified the following five goals for Burke & Beyond:


  1. Successfully transition to NDIS
  2. Maintain a culture of client satisfaction as paramount within Burke and Beyond
  3. Ensure financial sustainability
  4. Develop our people and capability
  5. Develop B&B prominence through creative brand/marketing techniques


The Towards 2020 strategy positions Burke & Beyond to compete in the future market whilst retaining and expanding its model of niche services under the funding umbrella of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.