Tea Light Candle Project

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Tea Light Candle Project





Tea Light Candles at the Next Step Blackburn.


Over the past few months at the Next Step Blackburn we have been creating upcycled tea light candles using milk bottle plastic lids.

The project started by connecting with various local cafe’s and business in the Blackburn area and getting them to collect the lids over a number of weeks. once we had a lot of lids we sorted them out according to their plastic type and then cleaned each lid.

Once the lids were clean we worked with a local buisness yoursandmineonline.com.au and they helped us make the first batch of candes, over 100.

Since then we have made 2 more batches and have begun to sell them in bags of 1 x $2.00, 3 x $5.00 and 6 x $8.00.

Drop into The Next Step Blackburn and grab a packet today.

This weekend the crew are heading down to The Knox Carols by Candlelight from 4pm and will be selling our candles from there.